The foodie-goodie couple welcomes you warmly! :)

Whether you are new or an experienced chef visiting my site, you will find a lot of authentic Indian recipes, with detailed flavor-boosting techniques. I encourage you that you too can cook awesome-toothsome :) Yes, No matter how many burnt bottom skillets shout out otherwise!! 😉

I am Jofy Abraham, writer, author, and photographer of this blog. I am the dearie-cookie wife of an absolute foodie Satish Abraham who lives with the simple motto- “Eat, Enjoy, Work out, Keep calm and Crack oracle databases.”

Before my wedding… my friends would comment, “You make papads that take after your complexion, Jofy”, typical of the South Indian obsession with fair skin…

I recollect my Facebook status update back in 2012 “Ini Muyarchi panrathe illa” (I give up!).

But the truth was I could not give up cooking simply because cooking fascinates me.

Around this time, I heard a stirring statement by Victoria Osteen, “You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t have the persistence, you’ll never bring it out. Press through and see your gifts and talents come through!”

In 2013, God parceled a muscle man to me via “Better-half couriers”, who endured and encouraged all my thumbs-up and thumbs-down cooking attempts and ‘burnt offerings’ 😀 Here I stand today, definitely not a pro yet, but an everyday-learner who is proud and persistent!

I choose to pen down my experiences, kitchen tricks and tips, tried and tested recipes, and authentic Mamma’s recipes.

And, I am a lover of Jesus and all my posts have connection with HIM because I cannot pass by a day without thinking of HIM and HE cannot pass by a second without thinking of me :)

I convey my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to every genuine blogger in this space.

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Mail me your honest feedback, your tried and tested recipe photographs, and your doubts, at . I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you for joining me on this culinary journey and I am sure we will together discover a hidden talent within each of us! 😀

Love & Shalom,

Jofy Abraham.

Jofy Abraham
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