Banana Nutella Sandwich
Sept. 15, 2014, 10:58 p.m.

1 After quite a long time, back to my baby. Did you miss me ? I missed you :) Happy to be back at home :) There is something very pleasing around me, guess what ?! The weather is just awesome in chennai. Itz pouring heavy and the chilling breeze is fighting with my window curtains, so as to fly to me, hug & give a kiss :D Did I say Kiss ? woooh, thank God, One of my dearest friends asked me to share KISS recipes on DIY Tuesdays :D Ok Now control the horses in your mind!! Keep It Simple & Sweet is what she meant. So, hereby I am sharing a very simple, healthy, do-it-yourself recipe!! Before we get into the recipe, I wanted to reveal a secret to you. "Thank You God" is the simplest yet a immense powered prayer. Whenever Jesus was stepping into a mission including raising a dead person, he said "Thank You Father.......". If thanksgiving can raise the dead, then let us give thanks in spite of the negative circumstances and we will see victory. Lets now go to the recipe :) I am happily sending this sandwich to Kids Lunch Box ideas Contest of IndusLadies :D

Banana Nutella Sandwich

Here is what you will Need... Bread slices - 6 Oil - 3 tbsp Milk - 1/2 cup Egg - 1 Sugar - 2 tbspn Nutella Banana 3 Method: 4 Simple Steps 2 Step 1 - Beat egg, sugar, milk in a bowl. Step 2 - Dip each slice in the above mixture, smear some nutella on it. Step 3 - Arrange the banana slices on the nutella smeared bread slice and cover it with another slice. Step 4 - Heat a pan, add little oil and toast the sandwich. Yummy Breakfast ready. Serve with a glass of milk. 4

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