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Sept. 23, 2015, 11:59 p.m.

There is a global shift to online shopping, as it makes life easy. I would anyday prefer to get the work done in a single click than spending hours in traffic. So, here is my review about India's one of the biggest online grocery shopping chain -, is now taking the throne of Online supermarket in Chennai

Shopping with BigBasket


Shopping with is just a three step process 

    • Choose your city


    • Sign up/login


    • Add items to your cart, Pay using Food coupons, debit or credit cards, netbanking or Cash on Delivery.

Online Shopping - Few important points

1. Lots of varieties in every section

It is always easy to hold more number or varieties of products in a virtual shop than a physical shop. Bigbasket shows various varieties under each product category. For example, the breakfast cereals section has the following varieties.


2. Time saving shopping

Online grocery shopping is very much time convenient and thats the best thing about it. Sit back relaxed at your home and get the job done in few clicks. All orders above Rs. 1000 are shipped free of cost. Orders below Rs. 1000 are charged Rs. 20 as shipping fee. They also have apps developed for smartphones which make the shopping even more easier.

3. High Quality

The groceries from fresh vegetables to meat are all well packed and delivered. The team makes sure the product supplied is always fresh. Bread and Dairy products are always within the expiry date.

4. Use of Discount coupons

There is an option of using food vouchers or coupons which is a good thing. Besides, there are frequent offers too.

5. No travel required and more convenience

Online grocery shopping in chennai is a boon to us, to be hassle-free from the traffic. Nothing more to say here, the topic speaks volumes, i think.

6. Comfort of choosing products seeing the customer reviews

When you shop online, you always have the relaxed time to check reviews online in parallel. Then decide if you really need the product or not.

7. A healthy website

Nice website without any delay in loading of pages. It also has facility to search products, add items to cart to buy. Website is neat, without cluttering of ads. The catalog of products is very neat and easier to navigate through.

8. Return policy

You can always return a product if it did not satisfy you, which is the best thing of online supermarket shopping. There are no questions asked or no extra fee charged. 

9. Guaranteed delivery

With bigbasket, you get the convenience of getting things delivered in one of the 4/5 available time slots. And the delivery is usually on time except for days of any natural disturbances. Cash on delivery is another boon here.

10. Customer service

Any queries via email or phone are immediately addressed by the BigBasket customer service team. You generally get an email and an SMS when a order is placed. When the order is to be delivered on a particular day, a SMS alert is also sent.

Overall, is a very friendly online grocery shopping mart in Chennai, not only for groceries but also fruits, vegetables and meat. Good luck BB :) 

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