Filter Kaapi Panacotta
Nov. 10, 2016, 12:46 p.m.

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

How to make filter kaapi panacotta recipe with step by step pictures - Filter kaapi panacotta is a medley of coffee and sugar, melt in mouth pudding that will refresh and energize your brain with all the memories of your morning filter kaapi had near your birds chirping and perching window under the blooming shade of sun. I love to have this awesomely delicious filter kaapi panacotta with a dash of thick lush dark chocolate sauce. Panacotta, originated in northern Italy is usually the simplest of desserts, a softly set pudding mainly prepared by the simmering of fresh cream with any flavors added. Filter kaapi a pride of south India moulded to a panacotta, a pride of North Italy  is certainly a win-win dessert anyday. Make it, enjoy it, share your memories with me in the comments, I would love to hear from you :) 

#FoodforSoul - Many of you might be feeling like travelling in a truck with no or low fuel, not knowing which destination you are heading to. God wants to remind you today that when you are about to give in to the thought of getting down at some x-y-z destination in your journey, the power of God comes in. Grabs you with His powerful Hands, Hugs you tight, Sees you sharp into your eyes, and speaks very softly - " Did you think I forgot you? I have drawn your images in the palms of my hands. I admire you everyday. My share of Love and Grace for you every morning is new. Enjoy your journey, energize yourself everyday with my Words"

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

Cooking time : 20 mins |  Recipe source : Modified version of Nigellas coffee panacotta recipe


1 tbspn gelatin powder

3 tbspns water

125 ml filter coffee

50 gm sugar

1 cup cream

1/2 cup milk

pinch of salt

ice cubes in a tray

Dark chocolate bar or chips


Step 1 - Prepare filter kaapi aka coffee using a good quality filter coffee powder and traditional coffee filter. Sprinkle the gelatin in a bowl of water and let it soak.

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

Step 2 - Boil cream and milk in a saucepan.

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

Step 3 - Add the filter coffee and sugar. Let the mixture come to a rolling boil.

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

Step 4 - Remove the sauce pan from heat and add the gelatin to the mixture. Keep stirring the hot coffee - cream mixture until all the gelatin is dissolved.

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

Step 5 - Strain the mixture so that, it is completely silk and smooth to yield a melt in mouth soft pudding.

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

Step 6 - Pour the strained mixture into moulds and place them on a tray of ice cubes. Freeze them for two to three hours.

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

Step 7 - Dip the mould into a bowl of lukewarm water and transfer the panacotta to a serving tray. Enjoy it with some melted dark chocolate sauce on top :)

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

Filter Kaapi Panacotta

Please do try out this yummy filter kaapi panacotta and let me know your comments. Your comments help me grow. You can reach out for any doubts via mail or FB msg. Also, do not forget to send a picture when you try them, so that I can feature your creation on my FB page:)

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